How to deal with a broken object

Collect and Contain

  •  Collect all pieces without delay
  • With larger pieces cover all break edges with cling film to prevent contamination by dust etc. If there are many small pieces place these in several small plastic bags. Then place in a box and support with bubble wrap, polystyrene beads or tissue paper. Label box carefully with date of breakage and content information and store safely. Then contact me as soon as possible. I will be very happy to suggest a suitable treatment for your ceramic and quote a price. I will also be very happy to submit a quote to your insurer.
  • If you would like to take photographs, please place the pieces on a very clean surface and try not to touch the break edges with your hands.A light coloured, un-patterned napkin or tea towel would work well in terms of the quality of the photograph.Collecting Damaged Ceramics
  • It is not advisable to attempt any repairs yourself. Commercially available glues are not suitable and could ruin the piece forever or result in an unnecessary and costly removal treatment before a professional repair can be undertaken.
  • Please contact me at , if possible attach photographs of your broken object, so that I can make an assessment.

Assessing Broken Ceramics

To assess the work needed to restore an object the studio would ideally examine the piece at first hand. If this is not possible then a series of photographs, taken from several angles and with some indication of scale, may be sent by e-mail.

Packing and Posting Broken Ceramics

  • Each piece of your ceramic should be wrapped in separate plastic bags to prevent further damage or getting lost (not newspaper as this can stain).
  • Each piece should be double or triple wrapped in bubble polythene.
  • These are then placed in a cardboard box with two inches of packing material such as polystyrene peanuts between the wrapped pieces and the box.
  • The box is then placed inside a larger box with at least two inches of packing material around and below it. Please include your address and day time telephone number.
  • If you intend to post you piece please insure it either at the Post Office (special delivery in the UK) or a reliable courier service. A signature should be required on delivery.